GoTayga Texx is an international technology services company with its headquarters in Berlin. They enable and accelerate the digital transformation of their customers with expertise in the latest technologies.
Develop a website with a non-standard structure and design that will help the company stand out from competitors and convey the brand image

It was decided to develop a new design that reflects the status of the company, through visual solutions, convenient navigation, high-quality photos to win over and gain trust as a large company.

Analysis of the target audience
The target audience is businesses and various corporations that need technical support. This is a large and extensive group of people, most often large businesses. It was important to convey to users all the information about the company's products in an accessible format.

Site map and prototype
The company has many services, divided into different industries. It is important that everyone finds what they need. Therefore, separate pages were created by industry with their services. Now the new site allows you to accept applications, and well-developed product pages make the visitor stay on the site longer and get to know the solutions in more detail, which, in turn, helps to increase conversion.
design of all pages and adaptations
The client had a developed corporate identity, so the visual style itself was immediately clear, I just had to implement these solutions into the design of the site. More than 10 pages have been developed for all permissions. The main corporate colors are blue, dark gray and white. It was important to the client that the design was not a template, the company wanted to see creative and unusual solutions, but not going beyond.
Development on the no-code platform
Since I work mainly with Russian-speaking companies, Tilda is popular with us. This is a very convenient and cool platform thanks to which sites turn out to be interesting, while having all the necessary functions. I'm building a website from scratch without code
technical settings
Tilde allows you to make basic technical SEO settings, connect the necessary services and forms for receiving data. I check that the site works well on all devices and browsers alone. launching a website
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