ECOM TODAY is a company that develops e-commerce projects. The company has
a lot of experience, they are one of the market leaders in the field of creating
and promoting stores.
To increase the awareness of the company,
to improve the design for perception. A large number of services to place is convenient and understandable for the user.
The site should inspire confidence and stylish
design should justify the prices for services.

Develop a new website style, make a modern design,
improve the user experience through competent navigation.

Analysis of the target audience
I held a briefing with a client, where I received information about who buys most often. Mostly men, but also girls, 70% to 30%. Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.
An audience of people who want to scale their existing business abroad or start from scratch. As a rule, many already have experience in Internet marketing, that is, the audience is knowledgeable, so the site should look serious and create a representation of a large company.
60% of the traffic comes to the site with SEO mainly through the blog. The rest is mostly from social networks. It is important first of all to impress people who go to the site for the first time and have not heard about the company before.

Competitor analysis
There are not so many companies themselves who could help in this matter. Ecom is one of the largest companies in the CIS market. The analysis of competitors made it clear what strengths and weaknesses there are on the sites, what is best to avoid, and how to stand out.

Drawing up a moodboard for the project. Selection of fonts, palettes, individual visual solutions. I am approaching this stage seriously. This stage is important, through it I roughly understand what the style will be. I put everything together: client references, research, individual wishes of the company. As a result, a large presentation is obtained, which the client studies and gives his answer. Due to the moodboard, I manage to understand whether I hit the target or not.

Site map and prototype
Website navigation is one of the key components.
With inconvenient navigation, the user may have a bad experience. Therefore, I definitely think through all the transitions to the pages, and how these pages will interact with each other.
I make an approximate prototype, arrange blocks and text alternately. I don't do detailing here because of colors, fonts, and so on. Schematically I show how many blocks and text there will be on the pages

Creating a design concept
The client chose fonts and colors with the help of the moodboard. I made several options based on previously obtained data

design of all pages and adaptations
When drawing a complete design, I collect a lot of references in the style I need. For example, I select 5-10 examples to one screen and mix them. Getting something of your own. In design, I try to think through every element so that there are no unnecessary details, focus on the content. I make adaptive versions for all the necessary extensions.

Development on the no-code platform
Since I work mainly with Russian-speaking companies, Tilda is popular with us. This is a very convenient and cool platform thanks to which sites turn out to be interesting, while having all the necessary functions. I'm building a website from scratch without code

Setting up the animation
I believe that animation is important on the site, but you need to be able to work with it competently so as not to overload the page, and add effects only where it is really needed.

technical settings
Tilde allows you to make basic technical SEO settings, connect the necessary services and forms for receiving data. I check that the site works well on all devices and browsers alone. launching a website.

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